ESOPUS 24 (Spring 2017)


Editor’s Note

Exploring, and breaching, boundaries


Artist’s Project: Tony Tasset

By Tony Tasset

Me and My Arrow, 2017


Circles of Friendship

Introduction by Elizabeth C. Denlinger

An exquisite object from the New York Public Library’s Pforzheimer Collection


Artist’s Project: Jane and Louise Wilson

By Jane and Louise Wilson

Imperial Measure, 2017


Ann Goldstein: Found in Translation

Interview by Tod Lippy

A glimpse into the creative process of an acclaimed translator


Artist’s Project: Carlos Amorales

By Carlos Amorales

Score for Talking Ocarinas


“Notes for a Young Alchemist”

By Julia Drake

12th in our series of fiction by never-before-published authors


Ernest B. Haight: Sewing and Reaping

Introduction by Jonathan Gregory

This Nebraska farmer had an unusual, and productive, pastime.


Artist’s Project: Hayden Dunham

By Hayden Dunham

MELT D|D OWN, 2017


100 Frames: Beats of the Antonov

Introduction by Dylan Valley

Stills from hajooj kuka's acclaimed 2015 documentary


Modern Artifacts 17: Modern Renaissance

Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Materials related to 1940 MoMA blockbuster


Clayton Patterson: Pyramid Portraits

By Clayton Patterson

Drag performers inspire a legendary documentarian


Artist’s Project: Ted Barker

By Ted Barker

legacy, 2017


Arthur Tress: Dreaming in Color

Introduction by James A. Ganz

A new perspective on an acclaimed body of work


Artist’s Project: Marco Maggi

By Marco Maggi

Drawing Set, 2017


Guarded Opinions 8

Commentary by Marianna Pombrik

A Brooklyn Museum guard talks about the work she oversees



Tracks from the recording studio of Pioneer Works


Press sheet containing “yardstick” insert for Jane and Louise Wilson‘s Imperial Measure artist’s project


Esopus 24 launches on May 9th

The latest annual issue of Esopus features contributions from 35 artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and other creative professionals.

Esopus partners with New York Public Library to present new series

Debuting in Esopus 24, “Public Access” will highlight items from the Library's esteemed research collections.