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View of Petah Coyne’s Everything That Rises Must Converge at MASS MoCA

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Esopus 17 (Fall 2011)
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Guarded Opinions 5

By Casey Costa and Robert Canedy; edited by Paul VanDeCarr

Each installment of “Guarded Opinions” features commentary by museum or gallery guards about the artworks they oversee. This time around, series editor Paul VanDeCarr interviewed two guards, Robert Canedy and Casey Costa, with deep roots in North Adams, Massachusetts, where MASS MoCA, or the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, is that small town’s big attraction. Canedy offers his take on Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings retrospective, and Costa discusses a piece by Petah Coyne from the artist's 2010 one-person exhibition at the museum.

New York–based Paul VanDeCarr does writing and research for nonprofits and foundations about the arts, media, criminal justice, and storytelling for social change. His blog and podcast on the many forms of storytelling is at InsideStoriesOnline.com.