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Central card files of sales from the Museum of Modern Art’s
Art Lending Service arranged by artist name. ALS/AAS, VII.A.1.
From the Museum of Modern Art Archives.

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Esopus 17 (Fall 2011)
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Modern Artifacts 10: Rent to Own

Introduction by Michelle Elligott

For the 10th installment of our long-running series presented with the Museum of Modern Art Archives, we feature never-before-seen materials, including a removable facsimile of a 1957 brochure, related to the Museum’s discontinued Art Lending Service.

Michelle Elligott is Chief Archivist at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Elligott coedited Art in Our Time: A Chronicle of the Museum of Modern Art, cocurated MoMA’s “1969” exhibition, and has published and lectured widely.